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Why to book with us


If you want to enjoy a great holiday with plenty of things to do while being hosted in a modern, clean, flawless accommodation... If you want to enjoy a direct support from the owners or simply have a talk with them about whichever you want... Then find out here below how we can greatly suit your needs. A dedicated area for children, a cozy reading room, large outdoor car parkings (indoor, protected garage is also available on request), bicycles for excursions and an equipped workshop for bikers and cyclists are some facilities we put at your disposal.

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Do you prefer the (hopefully)  warm atmosphere of a B&B or the convenience of a well-equipped, modern hotel? You don't have to choose any longer, here. This is a modern, new and efficiently-built hotel with all the appliances you may need, yet we the owners are always present and keen on supporting you whenever needed. We chose to do it on a "on demand" basis: whether you appreciate a light, discreet support or chatting with us for hours in the lounge bar (about everything or so) it is always your free choice.



Cleanliness might seem an obviousness for all your (and our) carefully-planned holidays. However during our own holidays we, as a tourists, have often found some flaws in providing a perfectly clean environment which should be our home during our holidays. Therefore we always strive to keep granting you the perfect cleanliness of your "home away from home" while providing new and efficient appliances.


Not only do we manage our hotel, we are also demanding tourists as you are and we got much experience during our holidays.  We love to sleep well, yet many times it happened to us not to be suitably relaxed after sleeping and this inevitably had a bad impact on our tourist days. We chose to grant our guests the best possible sleeping experience so that we invested many resources in providing top-level mattresses and satin sheets which are exactly the ones we too are sleeping on. A perfect night for a perfect day as if you were at your home, in your beloved mattress.

We have three deliciously restless children so we know both the great pleasures and the troubles of bringing them on holidays. It's always impossible to perfectly predict whether your children will really appreciate your carefully-planned holidays, yet we know there are some shrewdness we can prepare for your children to feel in a cozy, joyful place. We then arranged a dedicated, bright and spacious area which is fitted with every toys and tools a child is used to loving. Besides don't forget that our children are looking forward to chatting with your children as we are with you...

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You already know we are in the heart of the Dolomites, yet we are not perched on a eagle's nest so that we can perfectly suit different needs. Alpinists, skiers, hikers (from basic to advanced), naturalists have all their superb things to do on the mountains and woods all around. However there is a joyful, relaxing life for elders too: several shady or sunny footpaths (from very short to very long ones) will lead you across our wooded valleys with rivers, lakes, grazing and animals for you to quietly discover.

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We know the great pleasure of riding your 2-wheels partners along our tortuous and scenographic roads. We know it because we too are passionate bikers and our current 2-wheels partner is a shining Hayabusa. Why not to stop here and talk about engines, exhausts, transmission gears, brakes...and pilots? A facing gas station is also convenient to suitably feed your 2-wheels partners.

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